Greetings Illuminator members,


I wanted to take a moment to reach out to all of our Illuminator family, hoping this Newsletter finds you and your loved ones all safe & well.


As the 92nd Headlite, I’m truly humbled & honored to be given this opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the 91 before me. Speaking of 91, a huge Congratulations to Dimmed Headlite Tracy Lape, whose leadership and guidance had the Illuminators ready for the “Best Ever” WAFC Convention, unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic caused us all to shelter in place, thus cancelling the 99th WAFC.

This year’s Mid-Year Board meeting was originally scheduled to be this weekend in Lodi, Ca., but has been rescheduled for July 31 – August 2, 2020, in Lodi, pending travel restrictions & local ordinances, we could be looking to reschedule in the Fall if necessary. At the Mid-Year meeting we will welcome aboard our new Tailite, Greg Seigel, and our new Hilites, Dan Sawchuck, Monica Abarca, Kristina McVay, Anu Algin & Karl Konrad. After serving 3 years as Hilites, Heather DeLuca & Subriana Pierce will continue to support the Illuminator Board as Advisors, joining Mark Ly & Don Hagedorn in that role. I wish to congratulate Honorlite Gary Pogue as Convention Liaison. We are indebted to him for his past contributions and look forward to his continued support in all things Illuminator.

The Illuminators will be challenged this year with operating under the “New Normal” which has yet to be defined. The Illuminators organization will have to be Fluid and Agile with the ever-changing landscape in which we will have to adapt to, such as the current social distancing, company travel restrictions and limits on attendees at functions.


In addition to the cancellation of the WAFC, the CGA has had to reschedule their CGAEF Northern & Southern Ca. golf tournaments slated for this summer with a date TBD. The next Illuminator event that is scheduled for us to support will be the CGA Strategic Conference scheduled for September 27-29th in Palm Springs, we are waiting for updates soon, and will share with our Membership as soon as we are notified by the CGA.


The Officer team is conducting business as “usual” as we continue to work on filling Committees, and place Liaisons for the 2020-2021 year.

I would like to add that the Officer team is now working on a few events for our membership to stay connected to some of our retail partners, more information to come…


To all of our New Members, I urge you to participate in our Committees to truly get the most out of your Illuminator membership, and for the opportunities to spend additional time with retailer executives, who express their appreciation for all that the Illuminators do to support the conventions.


Lastly, I look forward to seeing all of you at the next event that the Illuminators will be able to participate in!

Stay Well, Stay Safe,

& Continue To Spread

The Lite Of Good Fellowship


92nd Headlite Juan Trillas

Bimbo Bakeries USA