A Dimmed Headlite is a Past President.  All three immediate Dimmed Headlites shall be known as Advisory Officers and serve at the pleasure of the Headlite.  A dimmed Headlite is also eligible to serve as Historian at some point in the future.

The recently Dimmed Headlite is considered a first-year Advisory Officer.  The first-year Advisory Officer shall be Chairperson of the Budget, Bylaws, Nominations, and the Ted Eggers Honorlite Award Committee, and the other two Advisory Officers shall serve as members of these committees.  

Dimmed Headlites become lifetime members at the end of their 4 Year Officer term.  Dimmed Headlites share a wealth of knowledge and add tremendous value to the Officer Team and the Board of Directors.

Walter J. Malmberg 1928-30
Dumont M. Hirsch 1931
Robert B. Nusser 1932
R. H. Cantley 1933
W. J. Lacey 1934
Warner M. O’Brien 1935
Jean N. Bistline 1936
Dave L. Taub 1937
Gordon Griswold 1938
P. J. Daniels 1939
Thomas W. Cutting 1940
Oliver E. Seegelken 1941
Milton A. Kottinger 1942
Roy Heinz 1943
T. H. Eggers 1944
C. C. Nigg 1945
John W. Geiger 1946
Lyman C. Dunbar 1947
Julius O. Dohrmann 1948
Willliam B. Massie 1949
Harold P. Nachtrieb 1950
Paul McKinney 1951
Larry Moore 1952
Les Irvin 1953
F. C. Hasemann 1954
James H. Carothers 1955
Claude W. Gerdes 1956
Charles F. Fuller 1957
C. Harry Bleich 1958
Ivan Nielson 1959
Ren Ostrom 1960
A. Dossett 1961
E. G. Miller 1962
Fred Heaton 1963
H. E. Michels 1964
Ray Kidd 1965
Charlton Johnson 1966
Spencer Redfield 1967
Ray Keefer 1968
J. E. (Woody) Ginn 1969
Robert Butterfield 1970
Robert McNeil 1971
Ernest P. Snortum 1972
James P. Curry 1973
George Kinst 1974

David J. Ford 1975
Robert F. Bernhard 1976
Robert F. Bernhard 1977
Robert L. Hildebrand 1978
Glen L. Warren 1979
Robert W. Zinn 1980
Richard D. Foster 1981
Fred B. Watson 1982
Robert Kunz 1983
N. Duane Stauffer 1984
Frank Boyd 1985
Burl L. Bahl 1986
Robert L. Barto 1987
Ben Green 1988
Bill Webb 1989
Fred Anderson 1990
Frank Meckler 1991
Hal Adams 1992
Al Curran 1993
Dave Smith 1994
Arnie Gamboa 1995
Art Portugal 1996
Vern Robertson 1997
Carole Christianson 1998
Jerry Zybach 1999
Bob Wilson 2000
Jack A. Menashe 2001
Gerry Compas 2002
Lee Merritts 2003
Doug Detherage 2004
Charles Zimmerman 2005
Paul Christianson 2006
Bob Kelly 2007
Vic Chiono 2008
Chuck Elste 2009
Mickie Sharp-Villanueva 2010
Bruce Wyatt 2011
Richie Vail 2012
Jim Van Gorkom 2013
Ed Hepler 2014
Willie Crocker 2015
Jim French 2016
Dave Dimond 2017
Mark Olejnik 2018
Paul Kamholz 2019
Tracey Lape 2020
Juan Trijllas 2021
Joe Perez 2022
Greg Siegel 2023

You get out what you put in and when you get involved, you are rewarded several times over. Volunteering on committees and events gives you and your company great exposure to the retailers and other industry executives. You will truly set yourself apart from your competition.


Become a member today and begin a new journey of self discovery and joy of serving others.