You get out what you put in and when you get involved, you are rewarded several times over. Volunteering on committees and events gives you and your company great exposure to the retailers and other industry executives. You will truly set yourself apart from your competition. We encourage members to take leadership roles on committees that help support the California Grocers Association (CGA) Strategic Conference and the Western Association of Food Chains (WAFC). After chairing four committees or events Illuminator members become eligible for nomination to the Constellation of Hilites (Board Members).


• Ambassadors
– Provide Assistance during Retailer Business Meetings

• Arts / Bulletin / Signs
– Providing Logistical Information for Convention Activities

• Command Post / Registration
– Manage Central Station for all Illuminator communications

• Food Court
– WAFC Only – Coordinate select group of Vendors to Supply Sunday Lunch

• Diversity Committee
– Focus on building sustainable membership by demonstrating that our organization is representative of our industry workforce.

• Golf Tournaments
– WAFC and CGA pre convention outings and Convention Tournaments

• Greeters
– Welcoming all Delegates with Goodies Bags

• Industry Breakfast
– Serving WAFC and CGA buffet breakfasts

• Industry Luncheon
– Serving WAFC and CGA buffet lunches

• Membership/Guidelite Committee
– Recruiting, engaging, retaining and mentoring new members- our most valuable asset

• Membership Breakfast
– Organizes WAFC and CGA Breakfast for Board Meeting

• Morning Hospitality / Refreshments
– Provides refreshments for Delegates after Breakfast

• Pre-Convention Rallies and Market Networking Events
– Coordinates Rally Luncheons prior to WAFC Convention in Nor Cal, So Cal and the Pacific Northwest

• Program
– On-Site Convention assistance to assure details are being executed

• Publicity
– If you enjoy taking photos, this committee is for you!

• Scholarship
– Be a part of the Team providing Educational Opportunities for Future Leaders

• Silent Auction
– Help to Create funds for Illuminator Scholarship Fund

• Social Media Committee
– Enhance relevancy and communicate mission and vision of the Illuminators through social media

• Special Events
– Collaborate and create Fun & Challenging Events to Entertain Delegates

• Supply
– Coordinate Illuminator Vendor Supplies for various Convention Activities

“Make it Personal” means to take that extra step to help someone in our industry who needs it. Or to make a phone call or send a card instead of sending a text or an e-mail. Educate and encourage young people who enter the industry to realize that a great career is possible in the Grocery Industry. It doesn’t take too much more time and can make a big difference.

Tracy Lape, Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs


Become a member today and begin a new journey of self discovery and joy of serving others.