This distinguished Honorlite Award is the highest award given to an Illuminator member who has not served as an officer of the Organization. Each Honorlite was dedicated to “Spreading the Lite of Good Fellowship”.

They went beyond the call of duty and served with passion. Our organization’s strength and longevity are due to our Past and Future Honorlite.

Past Honorlite

1986 Dick Lindgren Jr.
1987 Buzz Odney
1988 John Lundigan
1988 Jo Ann Benci
1989 Chuck Adams
1989 George Saljian
1990 John Vander Giessen
1990 Marty Maitino
1991 Ed Ebke
1992 Joe DeGruccio
1993 C. Clem Teeters,
1994 Norm Allumbaugh
1995 John Shehtanian
1997 Tom Bezick
1998 Phil Brager
1999 Jim Clark
2000 Jerry Whitmore
2001 Ken Frankish
2002 Arline Mello
2003 Dick Skoog
2004 Gordon Prairie
2006 Robert Paul
2007 Larry Taylor
2008 Harry Little
2009 Ron Sebasto
2010 Patsy Flanigan
2011 Mike Sencer
2012 Orv Harpole
2014 Bill Duff
2015 Shelly Trickel
2016 Cheryl Kennick
2017 Gary Pogue
2017 Gerry Marnien
2019 Dave Grosse
2020 Glen Roeper

“The Illuminators support education, personal growth, leadership and teamwork for those in our industry. This amazing group of suppliers clearly make a difference in the food industry.

Smart and Final is proud to support the Illuminators and the values they stand for.”

Scott Drew
Smart and Final

“The Illuminators continue to be a cornerstone for our industry.  Their dedication to improving education and leadership for future leaders is critical for our collective, continued success.”

Bryan Kaltenbach, President - Food 4 Less / Foods Co.


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