Kory Cox Talking Rain2022-23 NEW FIRST YEAR HILITES

Kory Cox
Talking Rain

I grew up in Palmdale, CA and right after my 11th-grade year, my family moved to Murrieta, CA r. Back then, my days consisted of school, work, Junior college, and playing guitar in a rock and roll band with my brothers called Kanan Road. I eventually followed in my Dads footsteps in the beverage industry. This all sounded great but I wanted more! I wanted to make a difference not only to the world but to the Cox legacy the generations before me built.  

When 9/11 happened, my heart changed. I had a great job and a clear path to a successful career. In March 2003, President Bush came on TV and formally declared war on the Middle East/Terrorism and I knew at that point what I wanted to do. I shipped out to USMC boot camp and never looked back! After four faithful years of service, I left the military and started my first job in the beverage industry as a sales rep selling Jolt Energy Drinks. From Jolt, I’ve had positions with Kronik Energy Drinks, Neuro Drinks, Iowa Rotocast Plastics, Yellowbook (selling yellow pages), and now closing in on my 9-year anniversary with Talking Rain Beverage Co. Early in my career with Talking Rain, I was able to use my Post 9/11 GI Bill to attend the University of Phoenix and earn my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. 

Currently, I reside in Winchester, CA with my wife Sara of 9 years and two beautiful daughters Kevie (8) and Kacely (5) with our loyal Black Lab, Kaptain America Cox! In the time away from a very demanding career, I enjoy family time, playing Golf and Hockey, camping, and tinkering around the house in my PJs and slippers taking it all in with a cocktail in hand…



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